2021 Foodie Cincy Decks are still available online or at local retailers.
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Need to raise money for your organization? Foodie Cincy makes for great fundraising. Foodie Cincy decks provide your supporters with something truly unique and exciting by giving them the opportunity to explore dining out at Cincinnati's best local, independently owned restaurants and to save money while doing it! It's a win/win/win - your organization makes money, your supporters save money and everyone is helping to support Cincinnati's best, locally owned restaurants.

  • Selling Foodie Cincy decks is a consignment sale. You are not purchasing inventory. You pay only for the decks that you sell and return the decks that did not sell.
  • Decks sell for $20.00 each.
  • Fundraisers keep $10.00 of each sale.
  • Fundraisers will be invoiced upon the end of each sale and sent a return shipping label for return of unsold decks.
  • Foodie Cincy will feature a Facebook post for each of our fundraisers along with being listed on our website "Give Local" and "Fundraising" pages.
  • Fill out the form in our "Contact" page for more information.