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What is Foodie Cincy?

Foodie Cincy is a deck of cards. Not just any deck of cards but THE one-of-a-kind deck of cards if you love saving money while dining at Cincinnati's best chef-driven, locally owned restaurants. The Foodie Cincy deck consists of 48 cards with each card representing a Cincinnati-area restaurant. Each card is $5 or $10/off at that restaurant* (terms and conditions apply- click here to view) and the card also displays info about the restaurant. The cards are happiest when conveniently tucked into your purse or pocket, reminding you to drive across town, or walk down the street to visit a new hot spot or that restaurant you've always meant to visit! A new Foodie Cincy deck goes on sale every November and is valid for a year. Foodie Cincy restaurants are all locally owned, so you can dine with the knowledge that you're supporting the owners and their families, businesses and their employees who live in your community.


Foodie Cincy was created in 2013 by husband and wife team Gina and Brian. Much like many of the restaurants in the Foodie Cincy deck, this is a small company run by a family. Brian handles customer service and selling while Gina manages the money and Foodie Cincy restaurant clients.


So how does it work when you buy a Foodie Cincy deck? Well, it's simple. Pick a card, visit that restaurant, spend the minimum dollar amount on a food purchase (minimum purchase is listed on each restaurants Foodie Cincy card), show your server your Foodie Cincy card and they take $5 or $10 off your bill. Easy right? Remember, when you purchase a Foodie Cincy deck you own over $450.00 worth of discounts! Go use them, enjoy!


*see Terms and Conditions for details